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When dealing with sharps waste, as a form of biohazardous waste, it is critical to observe stringent processes and procedures in line with Australians Standards in order to preserve the health and safety of all involved. Having a waste management plan in relation to sharps disposal is essential for any business, organisation or entity of any kind; as is a trusted and waste disposal solution delivered by a reputable provider. 


What is...

  • Sharps Waste (Overview)

    Sharps waste comprises used “sharps” materials, including any device or object used to puncture or lacerate the skin. Therefore, this type of waste resides in the category of biomedical waste and demands careful handling. 

    Common materials and equipment deemed and treated as sharps waste include disposable scalpels and blades, hypodermic needles, contaminated glass, wires and certain types of plastic. 

  • Non-Contaminated

    Non-contaminated sharps are free of both biohazardous, chemical and radioactive contamination. They are also known to be without any residue of these materials, having never been kept in proximity to any biohazardous, chemical or radioactive elements. 

    This categorisation of sharps might relate to unused “sharps” waste and items with sharp edges/items made up of materials that can easily puncture or lacerate skin but are not typically manufactured for this primary purpose, eg, glass shards, scissors, sharp plastic materials etc. 


  • Biohazardous Contaminated

    Refers to those types of “sharps” (items/materials that have sharp edges and the potential to cause injury or infection) that have come into contact with biohazardous materials, no matter how small the trace amount. The sharps may have been used by healthcare professionals/providers, medical research facilities, veterinarians and other organisations and in other applications. 

    They may typically include needles, scalpels, blades and other surgical and healthcare instruments and apparatuses. 

  • Chemically Contaminated

    The items/materials known as chemically contaminated sharps are those which contain or have come into contact with hazardous chemicals (but not those contaminants which are also hazardous or radioactive). To be “sharps” they will be capable of cutting/piercing or otherwise puncturing/lacerating. 

    Examples: razor blades, scalpels, microscope slides etc.

  • Radioactive

    These are “sharps” materials contaminated by radioactivity, ie. devices or objects with corners, edges, or projections capable of cutting or piercing skin that have been exposed to radioactive treatments and/or substances. 

    Radioactive sharps may also be contaminated with chemical or biochemical elements but must be first handled as per the official and applicable procedure for radioactive waste.


  • Specialised containers to Australian Standards

    Specialised containers to Australian Standards

    Ace Waste offers a comprehensive sharps waste service and solution for your peace-of-mind. Our sharps containers are available in varied sizes and shapes suitable for all applications, all meeting Australian Standards.

  • Single-use and disposable containers

    Single-use and disposable containers

    We have a range of options to suit all requirements in both single-use and disposable sharps containers.

  • Backed by industry partnership

    Backed by industry partnership

    Ace Waste has entered into a partnership with ASP Healthcare to provide our valued clients with a more environmentally friendly, secure and smarter approach to Sharps Waste Management.

  • Quicker, easier and cheaper

    Quicker, easier and cheaper

    At Ace Waste, we have sharps containers covered, and we do not charge you extra for the disposal of these containers if they are placed in one of our Clinical or Cytotoxic Waste Bins. This comes down to our innovative solution; the high-temperature incineration of your waste means there is no need to segregate sharps containers for disposal – saving you both money and time in the process.

  • Transparent and trackable

    Transparent and trackable

    Using our patented Ace Waste Live ™ Tracking System, you can track the transfer and disposal process of your waste in real-time. Know where and how your waste is being disposed of to give you more control over your business systems and reporting. It’s a far superior way of managing your waste.

  • Who We Service

    • Healthcare Facilities 
    • International/Domestic Airports
    • Pharmaceutical Industries
    • Commercial and Industrial Entities
    • Offices
    • Laboratories
    • Hospitality 
    • Beauty Clinics/Shops
    • Schools

How Does it Work?

  • Step 1


    Call or email us and one of our friendly and professional representatives will discuss your requirements. You will then receive a detailed quote.

  • Step 2


    Once an agreement has been finalised we will provide you with your required waste containers.

  • Step 3


    The frequency of our waste collection will depend on your individual needs and usage. We discuss this with you before we set up an optimised schedule to pick up your containers and provide you with replacement containers. 


  • Step 4


    We load all your waste, including sharps containers, into our on-site primary chamber. Incinerated at temperatures between 1000° Celsius and 1150° Celsius, complete destruction of your waste is assured.

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