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Sharps Containers

In the medical industry, Sharps Containers are essential for the safe disposal of sharps. These containers are used by any object with sharp edges or points that can puncture or lacerate the skin. As a type of biomedical waste, medical sharps present a significant WHS risk to healthcare workers and patients – not to mention the costly legal and financial implications for incorrect collection and disposal. Typical equipment that requires a sharps bin for disposal can include: Disposal blades, Hypodermic needles, Disposable scalpels, Contaminated glass, Wires, Plastic sheets, tools etc. Learn about our sharps disposal here.

We offer a wide range of Sharps Containers that are clinically designed to reduce the risk of sharps injuries. Our trusted sharp bins and tailored waste management plans ensure the safe handling and disposal of: Medical sharps, Chemically contaminated sharps, Non-contaminated Sharps, and Biohazardous contaminated sharps.

Sharp bin brackets and wall mounts help keep the waste in your Sharps Containers secure from unauthorised access and counter spaces clear. Ace Waste's range of wall mounts and brackets are durable, adaptable and designed to suit all room styles, shapes and sizes. To protect your facility, browse our full range of Sharps Containers and related items below or contact us on 1300 850 901 for trusted advice, today.