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Waste Management In Aged Care

Efficient waste management in aged care facilities is crucial to creating a safe, comfortable environment for our elderly community and carers. Due to the wide range of services in nursing homes, there is often a large amount of waste to handle and dispose of.

Without a professional waste management system, these leftover materials could cause serious safety, health and environmental issues to your practice and the wider community. Not to mention costly fines if you do not abide by your State laws and regulations. 

At Ace Waste, we understand the importance of providing tailored solutions in a timely, cost-effective manner. Our team is highly experienced in handling all types of waste, from general to hazardous, and will work with you to ensure a discreet yet secure plan for your aged care facility.

Keep reading to learn more about the handling of waste in aged care, or contact us today to discover how we can help you.

The Different Types Of Aged Care Waste

Aged care involves more than one service and produces multiple types of waste. From medical procedures and respite care to meal preparation and general cleaning, nurses and relevant staff must follow strict rules to ensure a safe environment. 

The main types of waste in an aged care home include: 

  • Clinical (sanitary waste, human tissue, sharps, cytotoxic or radioactive waste etc.).
  • Hazardous (chemicals and related waste)
  • General and Recycling (uncontaminated food, plastic, paper etc.) 

As a professional service provider, Ace Waste offers complete management, collection and disposal service of all waste. 

Waste Management at Aged Care facility - Waste Management In Aged Care

Sharps Waste In Aged Care Homes

Aged Care Sharps Waste

Sharps include any object with points or edges that could puncture the skin. When not appropriately handled, sharps such as scalpels, needles and even plastic can cause injury or infection. In addition, incidents that stem from a lack of care or management can result in financial penalties. 

Our extensive knowledge of sharps waste enables us to optimise our disposal processes and guarantee the destruction of all materials and pathogens.

Our experienced team can help form a comprehensive waste management plan to enhance workplace efficiency, reduce needlestick injuries and create a safe environment for residents, staff and visitors. Why not contact our team to start protecting your facility today?


Clinical Waste in Aged Care Homes

Clinical waste is any material generated during medical, dental, pharmaceutical or related activities with the potential to cause injury or infection.

Like any other hospital or medical practice, nursing homes generate large amounts of clinical waste, including but not limited to; bandages, needles, sanitary products, and anything else contaminated with blood or bodily fluids. 

All clinical waste must be incinerated before disposal to ensure all harmful pathogens are destroyed. Ace Waste’s EPA-approved incineration facilities and unique combustion process create 90% less landfill than standard landfill methods. We also provide a wide range of clinical waste bins and containers to help your practice reach total health and safety compliance. Check them out below.

  • Clinical Waste Bin

    Clinical Waste Bins

  • Cytotoxic Waste Bins

    Cytotoxic Waste Bins

  • Sharps Bins & Containers

    Protect+ 20L container

Why Choose Ace Waste to Handle the Waste Management In your Aged Care facility

  • Total Destruction of all Harmful Pathogens

    Our EPA-approved incineration facilities ensure that all hazardous materials are completely destroyed. You can rely on our waste experts to do everything they can to protect your facility, our community and the environment.

  • Comprehensive Plans & Strategies

    Ace Waste can provide a dedicated coordinator to create a tailored, cost-effective management plan for your aged care home. We can also implement training programs to increase awareness of the impact of incorrect handling of waste in aged care.

  • Environmentally Safe & Focused

    We own and operate two of the largest and most advanced incineration facilities in Australia. Our combustion process creates 90% less landfill than basic landfill solutions – transforming all hazardous waste into renewable energy.

  • Trackable Collection & Disposal Services

    We believe in delivering a transparent, trustworthy service. That’s why we created our advanced Live™ Tracking System – this allows you to track our waste collection and disposal in real-time.

  • A clean and sustainable alternative

    Our high-temperature incineration converts all waste into a renewable energy source. Rather than becoming a problematic landfill, the waste produced in aged care facilities is converted into a valuable and highly usable commodity in its new format as clean energy.

Delivering Foolproof Waste Solutions since 1987

No matter how large or small, simple or complex, you can rely on our knowledgeable team to take care of your aged care home waste without difficulty or delay.

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