• Clinical Waste
    • “Clinical waste” means waste that has the potential to cause disease including, for example, the following:

      animal waste;

      discarded sharps;

      human tissue waste;

      laboratory waste.

  • Infectious Waste
    • “Infectious waste” means “clinical waste”.

  • Cytotoxic Waste
    • “Cytotoxic waste” means material which is, or may be, contaminated with a cytotoxic drug during the preparation, transport or administration of cytotoxic therapy.

  • Pharmaceutical Waste
    • “Pharmaceutical waste” means pharmaceuticals which have passed their recommended shelf life, discarded pharmaceuticals due to off-specification batches, pharmaceuticals returned by patients or discarded by the public, pharmaceuticals which are no longer required by the establishment, filters from laminar flow cabinets and packaging contaminated by pharmaceutical products.

  • Radioactive Waste
    • “Radioactive Waste” means material contaminated with a radio-isotope which arises from the medical or research use of radionuclides and which may be in a solid, liquid or gaseous form.

  • Regulated Waste
    • “Regulated waste” means commercial or industrial waste that is a type or contains a constituent of a type mentioned in Schedule 7 of the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008 (whether or not it has been treated or immobilised), and includes: for an element – any chemical compound containing the element; and anything that contains residues of the waste.

  • Plastics
    • “Plastics” means PET, HOPE, LDPE, PP, PS/EPS, polystyrene and other plastics, excluding any plastics containing vinyl compounds.

  • DES
    • “DES” stands for The Department of Environment and Science which is a department of the Queensland Government responsible for protecting the state’s natural environment.

  • EPA
    • “EPA” means the Environment Protection Authority which regulates the environment and is an authority on the things that impact on our environment.

  • MGB
    • “MGB” refers to the abbreviation for a Mobile Garbage Bin.

  • HTI
    • “HTI” refers to the abbreviation for High Temperature Incineration