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Ace Waste’s vision is to provide environmentally sustainable solutions in waste management. We achieve this by employing the most advanced facilities in Australia to provide safe and reliable collection and disposal services. Our commitment is in protecting Australia’s environmental future.

One of the characteristic offshoots of the partnerships Ace Waste has worked hard to forge is the help our company provides in combating climate change. This is undoubtedly one of the most important issues facing us all today. Ace Waste is committed to protecting Australia’s ecological future by utilising our experience in operating our waste treatment facilities.

Ace Waste Provides Cleaner & More 
 Affordable Waste Solutions

  • Australia's Two Largest Incinerators

    Australia's Two Largest Incinerators

    Ace Waste owns and operates Australia’s two largest incineration plants. Our Melbourne plant is the largest incineration plant in Australia and is utilising the most advanced technology.

  • Minimal environmental impact

    Minimal environmental impact

    Ace Waste clean technologies create 90% less landfill waste than solutions based on treatment and landfill operations. They ensure complete destruction of hazardous and highly infectious waste. We prevent harm to human health and the environment with our EPA approved method of regulated and prescribed industrial waste disposal.

  • Waste to energy

    Waste to energy

    Leading the way in environmentally sustainable waste management, our unique combustion process transforms waste into renewable energy. Servicing SEQ since 1987 and Victoria since 1998, Ace Waste guarantees that your waste disposal is in accordance with both Australian and state government(s) regulatory standards and compliances.

  • Transparent and trackable

    Transparent and trackable

    Experience complete peace of mind knowing that your waste will be disposed of responsibly. Our patented Ace Waste Live™ Tracking System means that your waste is fully traceable, with real-time tracking, and a guarantee of total destruction. This system gives you the added bonus of knowing where and how your waste has been disposed of.

  • Onsite waste co-ordinators & educated staff

    Onsite waste co-ordinators & educated staff

    Ace Waste assigns dedicated on-site waste co-ordinators to work closely with your team to assist in the movement of wastes throughout your organisation. We have also introduced a waste education program for all staff to increase awareness of waste avoidance, minimisation and reduction as well as adopted policies and procedures to minimise the environmental impact of waste treatment and disposal.

  • Blended waste streams

    Blended waste streams

    Our extensive knowledge in different waste streams enables Ace Waste to blend waste to maximise optimal combustion and energy efficiency of incineration, guaranteeing the total destruction of your waste.

Our Environmental Focus

  • How Does Ace Waste Convert Waste To Energy

    3 min read

    Ace Waste’s High Temperature Incineration (HTI) plant provides the ability of utilising inherent heat energy in various regulated and prescribed industrial wastes to assist with combustion and promote Waste to Energy initiatives.

  • How Waste Audits Can Help Your Business

    5 min read

    There might be some areas of your business where you can cut costs and help save the environment without having to resort to drastic organisational changes. This is where Waste Management and Waste Audits become so important.