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How Waste Audits Can Help Your Business

There might be some areas of your business where you can cut costs and help save the environment without having to resort to drastic organisational changes. This is especially true if your business produces a lot of Non-Generic Waste. This is where Waste Management and Waste Audits become so important.

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Waste Audit

If you’re a decision-maker in the healthcare and related industries, achieving compliance means that Waste Audits are always a part of your corporate landscape. This is in direct relation to federal and state legislation surrounding the correct disposal of specialised waste. However, if you’ve been looking at this process as a chore, perhaps it’s time to consider it a welcome benefit. You see, Waste Disposal has an associated cost. Plus, it contributes to greenhouse gas emissions if the wrong type is sent to landfill. Waste Audits and a proper Waste Management Plan can save you money while also saving the environment. 

What is Considered Medical Waste? 

The exact definition of medical, or Clinical Waste can differ slightly depending on where you are located. In Australia, we use the term ‘Clinical or Related Waste’ which means “waste that constitutes, or is contaminated with, chemicals, cytotoxic drugs, human body parts, pharmaceutical products or radioactive substances.” It has the potential to cause disease. For example, animal waste, discarded sharps, human tissue waste and laboratory waste.

We are talking about the type of waste typically produced by medical, nursing, dental, veterinary, laboratory, pharmaceutical, podiatry, tattooing, body piercing, brothels, emergency services, blood banks, mortuary practices and other similar practices. This is alongside wastes generated in healthcare facilities or other facilities during the investigation or treatment of patients or research projects.

The Risk of Improper Waste Disposal 

Getting the classification of waste correct can save you a lot of money. Especially in avoiding hefty penalties that come with infringements. Waste Audits may also help to avoid environmental harm. The Environmental Protection Regulation Act 2019 dictates that waste handlers must submit waste tracking information when transporting Regulated Waste or waste residues. This is why it’s crucial to use a professional waste disposal service. 

The Benefits in Getting Regular Waste Audits

Clinical and Related Waste has the potential to cause injury, infection, environmental harm or medical, veterinary, pharmaceutical and similar activities. However, when segregated and disposed of appropriately there is virtually no health and environmental risk or a prosecutable offence arising from a breach of legislation. The gravity of regulations makes it so so important to use a Biomedical Waste Management Disposal expert, like Ace Waste. We can help you to diagnose and dispose of waste properly. So, why not take the issue out of your hands with the assurance that regular Waste Audits offer? You might just find you cut costs and discover hidden opportunities to optimise your business in the process.

What do Waste Audits Involve at Ace Waste? 

Environment in our hands

Waste Audits are a key quality improvement process for identifying opportunities to change practice and improve the quality of waste management outcomes through a systematic review and evaluation of Waste Management and segregation practices. 

  • Audits are conducted by qualified Ace Waste personnel. We compare actual practice against gathered documented and photographic evidence 
  • They are based on required compliance standards of the Department of Environment and Science (DES), Health & Safety Act & Regulations, (WMAA) Waste Management Association of Australia Industry Code of Practice for the Management of Clinical & Related Waste (6th edition 2010) and Ace Waste Pty Ltd Auditing Policies and Procedures.
  • Provided required protocol can be achieved, Auditing services can be conducted either on sight at the facility or at one of Ace Waste’s Treatment Facilities in Willawong (QLD) and Dandenong (VIC).

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