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When you need to dispose of specialised waste, Ace Waste is your trusted choice. As a family-run business, our services have benefited the public since 1987.

Ace Waste supports Major Healthcare Facilities, Doctors, Dentists, and Veterinarians. We also work with Shipping Industries, Quarantine Premises & Pharmaceutical Companies, among many other industries and businesses. We provide collection and disposal services for the following waste streams:

  • Healthcare Waste
    Healthcare Waste
    • Clinical Waste
    • Cytotoxic Waste
    • Pharmaceutical Waste
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  • Biosecurity Waste
    Biosecurity Waste
    • Timber
    • Pallets
    • Frozen Food & Meats
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  • Security Waste
    Security Waste
    • Confidential Paper
    • Computer Hard Drives
    • Product Destruction
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  • Sharps Waste
    Sharps Waste
    • Needles & Syringes
    • Scalpels & Blades
    • Scissors
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  • Hazardous Waste
    Hazardous Waste
    • Laboratory Waste
    • Flammable Waste
    • Liquid Waste
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  • Commercial Waste
    Commercial Waste
    • General Waste
    • Recycable Waste
    • Electronics Waste
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Ace Waste Provides Innovative

Solutions For Your Waste

Management Needs


Our Facilities are Located in Willawong, QLD & Dandenong, VIC

Ace Waste works hard to find innovative waste disposal solutions for waste-based problems. We always have and we always will. In the 1990s, we proposed the construction of a modern incineration and air-pollution control system. Located in Brisbane, QLD, our primary facility was ready in October 1993. The technology implemented here would prove to be a real game-changer for general, environmental and biomedical waste management for years to come. 

Today, Australian legislation requires all Cytotoxic waste and Pharmaceutical waste to be incinerated. Our company leads the market by providing the complete disposal of these wastes via our high-temperature incineration facilities. Adding another facility in Dandenong, VIC, to our enterprise in December 2005, Ace Waste remains at the vanguard of waste incineration technology. We continue to invest in major site improvements across our premises. This includes a state-of-the-art temperature incinerator and a new receival and treatment facility.