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Waste Management in Aged Care Facilities: the Bigger Picture

6 min read

This article addresses the responsibilities of aged care providers in waste management....

Waste Incineration: Our Melbourne Plant

4 min read

We are incredibly proud of our waste management plant in Victoria. Find out why & what the difference is in terms of our facilities. ...

Dealing with hazardous waste in dentistry

2 min read

Managing hazardous waste in dentistry the professional way means understanding the types of waste....

Ever wondered where COVID-19 waste goes?

2 min read

COVID-19 pandemic has made it more critical than ever to have a thorough waste management plan implemented. Learn about how Coronavirus has affected t...

Problems dentists face in waste management

2 min read

Working as a dentist in Australia can come with its fair share of challenges. One of these relates to proper waste management; let's take a look. ...

Do you know where your medical waste is going?

3 min read

The issue of medical waste has long been apparent and it’s been something that the team at Ace Waste has always worked hard to treat. ...