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Clinical Waste Disposal Melbourne: Learn About Our Facilities

4 min read

We are incredibly proud of our waste management plant in Victoria. Find out why & what the difference is in terms of our facilities. ...

Dealing with hazardous waste in dentistry

2 min read

Managing hazardous waste in dentistry the professional way means understanding the types of waste....

Ever wondered where COVID-19 waste goes?

2 min read

COVID-19 pandemic has made it more critical than ever to have a thorough waste management plan implemented. Learn about how Coronavirus has affected t...

Problems dentists face in waste management

2 min read

Working as a dentist in Australia can come with its fair share of challenges. One of these relates to proper waste management; let's take a look. ...

Do you know where your medical waste is going?

3 min read

The issue of medical waste has long been apparent and it’s been something that the team at Ace Waste has always worked hard to treat. ...

Waste Disposal During Times of COVID-19

< 1 min read

Ace Waste's professional waste management and disposal services are experiencing increased demand due to COVID-19 regulations. ...