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In any given circumstance, deciding on the optimal procedure for facilitating the disposal of waste can become a complex issue. However, with the help of Ace Waste disposal services, you can put this task into the most capable and professional hands. Your waste will be disposed of according to the methodology which best balances the imperatives of safety, security and regulatory compliance with what is most sustainable from an environmental perspective.

We can Collect & Dispose of the Following Waste Streams


  • The safe and responsible alternative

    The safe and responsible alternative

    Ensure that your waste disposal is conducted with absolute compliance to government standards. This will save you the risk of incurring infringement penalties, and lessen the environmental impact of waste becoming landfill.

  • Waste to energy

    Waste to energy

    Our unique combustion process transforms waste into renewable energy. This makes our incineration facilities 100% self-sufficient. Ace Waste is leading the way in sustainable waste management through our innovative waste incineration technology.

  • Onsite waste co-ordinators & educated staff

    Onsite waste co-ordinators & educated staff

    We can assign dedicated on-site waste coordinators for waste movement at your location. Ace Waste has a Waste Education Program in place for all staff members. Our coordinators have increased awareness of waste avoidance, minimisation, and reduction. We will show your team how to adopt best practices and policies in environmental waste management to benefit your organisation in myriad ways.

  • Blended waste streams

    Blended waste streams

    We are equipped with a highly developed knowledge-base across a vast array of waste streams, such as healthcare waste, biosecurity waste, security waste, sharps waste, hazardous waste and commercial waste. This means we are able to blend waste in the disposal process. This maximises the optimal combustion energy efficiency of incineration, guaranteeing total destruction of your waste and keeps costs down

  • Transparent and trackable

    Transparent and trackable

    Using our patented Ace Waste Live ™ Tracking System, you can track the transfer and disposal process of your waste in real-time. Know where and how your waste is being disposed of to give you more control over your business systems and reporting. It’s a far superior way of managing your waste.

  • Who We Service

How Does it Work?

  • Contact Ace Waste To Discuss Your Requirements

    Step 1

    Contact Ace Waste To Discuss Your Requirements

    Call us or email us and one of our representatives will discuss your requirements and send through a quote.

  • Collection organised

    Step 2

    Collection organised

    Once an agreement has been finalised, we will consult with you to arrange the most appropriate time to collect your waste items/materials.

  • Disposal

    Step 3


    We will dispose of your waste for you in accordance with best practice methodology.

  • Peace of Mind

    Step 4

    Peace of Mind

    You can get back to your day-to-day tasks with complete peace-of-mind regarding your waste disposal obligations.