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Waste Disposal Melbourne

Located in Dandenong South, Victoria, our Melbourne Waste Disposal Facility has been designed to provide the highest possible standard of waste treatment and destruction. It is home to the largest waste disposal facility in Australia and it includes our state of the art high-temperature incinerator and a receival and treatment facility.

The Melbourne waste facility is suitable for waste management of all types including clinical waste or medical waste disposal. This is of high significance since EPA Victoria operational guidelines stipulate that methods other than incineration are only suitable for treating some forms of clinical and related wastes.

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64 Ordish Road
Dandenong South
VIC 3175, Australia
Operation Hours
7 days, Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Service Area
Melbourne metro area, Geelong, Torquay and South Beach
Operating Since
1500kg per hour (36 tonnes per day)
Waste Streams
Medical waste (clinical and related waste), pharmaceutical waste, biosecurity (quarantine) waste, solvents, oily rags, cartridges and various other prescribed industrial wastes.

Efficient Waste Management Melbourne

At our Dandenong site, the on-site primary chamber incinerates waste at temperatures between 800° Celsius and 1000° Celsius, with secondary combustion ranging from between 1000° Celcius to 1250° Celsius. Using this process, complete destruction of your waste is assured, emphasising our commitment to effective waste management in Melbourne.

Ace Waste incineration plants provide a significant point of difference, not only in the way they can destroy waste permanently (helping deter it from winding up in landfill), but in the way they reuse the inherent heat energy in clinical and related wastes as an energy source. This promotes and maintains a self-sufficient operation.

Since it began operations in 2009, this site has seen the destruction of upwards of 21,000 tonnes of clinical and related waste. When you consider that might have otherwise ended up as landfill, you can see the incredible value in this key infrastructure.

  • Regulated and Compliant Waste Disposal Option

    Ace Waste facilities provide the safe and secure option for waste disposal in abiding by regulatory frameworks. There are many benefits to this for any business or organisation. We can help you avoid hefty penalties that can come with non-compliance.

  • Converting Waste into Energy

    As opposed to other incineration plants which require natural gas to maintain combustion, Ace Waste’s facilities are able to harness energy from the waste itself. This means less reliance on fossil fuels and external inputs, making its operation more environmentally sustainable. Therefore, we are able to ensure a sustainable and cost-effective solution for your waste disposal requirements.

  • Medical Waste Disposal Melbourne

    In Melbourne and Victoria, clinical waste is often known by the interchangeable term “medical waste”. Both these terminologies, in practice, refer to the same waste stream. These are forms of waste that have the potential to cause disease, typically arising from medical/clinical settings.

    Medical waste/clinical waste types include:

    • Human tissue waste
    • Discarded sharps
    • Laboratory waste
    • Cytotoxic drugs
    • Pharmaceutical waste products
    • Radioactive substances
  • Comprehensive Waste Services

    Alongside medical waste, our facility in Victoria deals with:

    • Biosecurity waste
    • Security waste
    • Sharps waste
    • Hazardous waste
    • Prescribed Industrial waste (namely paints, glues, resins, solvents and used containers with waste residues)

    Why not contact us today for more clarification on these various waste types or view our glossary.

Waste collection, waste disposal & waste management in Melbourne

The team at Ace Waste provides medical waste/clinical waste disposal across Melbourne.

Waste Collection

We collect your waste using a reliable fleet of vehicles and specialist trained and certified drivers. Using our patented Ace Waste Live™ Tracking System, we can track the transfer and disposal process of your waste in real-time.

Waste Disposal

Your waste is disposed of at our Dandenong VIC Facility. Ace Waste leads the market by providing the complete disposal of wastes via our high-temperature incineration facilities. This is vital for those who produce any forms of cytotoxic waste or pharmaceutical waste, as destruction using the method of incineration is required by law.

Collection Frequency

The frequency of our waste collection will depend on your individual needs and usage. We discuss this with you before we set up an optimised schedule to pick up your containers and provide you with replacement containers.

Our Compliance

Waste is handled and transported in absolute accordance with best practice stipulations and always in a professional and timely manner. This is also in accordance and compliance with the newly released (July 1st 2021) Victorian EPA GED (General Environmental Duty) requirements and newly introduced waste tracking regulations.


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