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Secure Confidential Medical Waste Disposal

GP and Medical Centre confidential waste collection and disposal

Medical facilities have a moral and legal responsibility to protect patients, staff and the environment by properly disposing of medical records and waste.

From clinical material and sharps to medical records and confidential document disposal, GP centres and other medical facilities must follow their state-enforced guidelines to maintain data security and patient safety. Those who fail to comply with these regulations can face severe penalties, not to mention cause stress to the victims with leaked private information.

Ace Waste has provided sustainable clinical and confidential waste disposal solutions to QLD and VIC since 1987. Our experienced team is well-versed in all state and industry laws and can safely destroy personal documentation and hazardous materials.

Gain peace of mind that your medical centre is 100% compliant and secure – contact our team today for a free quote. 

What is confidential medical waste? 

Confidential medical waste is any documentation or item that includes sensitive or private information, such as:

  • Medical records
  • Incident or health reports
  • Compact discs (CDs)
  • X-ray film or other medical imaging
  • Patient information forms and any other related items

In Australia, both public and private medical facilities must respect individuals’ right to data privacy. Ace Waste can ensure that your clinic follows the principles outlined in the 2014 amendment to the Australian Privacy Act, protecting patients from harm and your business from costly infringements.

We have provided seamless waste management services to healthcare facilities large and small, from public hospitals and pathology clinics to private GP centres. Using our many years of experience, we guarantee to manage, collect, and destroy all confidential documentation and material.


What other types of waste are found in medical centres?

Depending on what kind of medical facility you manage or work in, there are generally four types of waste found:

  • General (non-hazardous plastics, paper, liquids)
  • Clinical or infectious (human tissue and any tools or material contaminated with blood or other bodily fluids, including used swaps, needles, scalpels etc.)
  • Hazardous (toxic or flammable liquids, solids, chemicals and unused sharps or glassware)
  • Radioactive (any radioactive material or by-products of nuclear technology)

Clinical, hazardous and radioactive waste must be closely managed and collected by a professional, licensed waste service. Ace Waste has the experience, capability and facilities to collect and destroy all types of medical waste in compliance with all government and environmental standards.

We also stock sturdy, secure medical waste bins to safely dispose of all clinical, hazardous and confidential waste. Click on the waste bin range image below to see our full range today. 

Ace Waste bin range

Improve your medical facility security and workflow with a professional waste audit

At Ace Waste, we tailor cost-effective waste management plans with a strong focus on sustainability, data security and compliance. We guarantee the best solution for you and your business by performing a professional waste audit to ensure the complete disposal of confidential medical records.

Our quality assurance process allows us to identify opportunities to improve management outcomes. Benefits include:

  • Lower the cost of doing business

  • Total compliance with all state and government regulations

  • More sustainable waste management and disposal

Our wealth of waste disposal and healthcare knowledge allows us to provide seamless services to medical centres and medical clinics of all sizes. Gain peace of mind by organising a waste audit today!


Why Choose Ace Waste for your Medical & Confidential Documents Disposal

  • Total Destruction of Confidential Medical Waste

    Our elite, EPA-approved incineration facilities and proven processes guarantee the secure destruction of confidential waste and hazardous materials. You can rely on us to manage, collect and dispose of all your medical waste safely and efficiently.

  • Tailored Strategies & Waste Management Plans

    Ace Waste is all about creating waste disposal solutions tailored to your unique needs. We will assign a dedicated waste coordinator to assess and develop a foolproof plan for your facility.

    We can also provide education programs to enhance employee awareness of the impact of incorrect handling.

  • Environmentally-Friendly Facilities

    Did you know that our unique combustion process creates 90% less landfill than other treatment and landfill solutions? They also transform all hazardous materials into renewable energy! You can rest assured that we take environmental protection seriously and will dispose of your waste in line with all state regulations.

  • Trackable Collection & Disposal Services

    Ace Waste works to provide a transparent, honest service at all times. Therefore, we allow you to track our collection and disposal services in real time using our advanced Live™ Tracking System.

The Ace Waste Promise

No infringement penalties.
EPA-approved processes.
Safe and secure clinical and confidential medical waste disposal. 

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