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Clinical Waste Disposal

Are you seeking a reliable and professional hospital waste management service? Look no further than the expert team at Ace Waste. We are leaders in sustainable clinical waste solutions, having supported various commercial and industrial facilities in South-East Queensland since 1987 and Victoria since 1998.

Our knowledgeable team of over 80 members is trusted by a range of healthcare, pharmaceutical and biosecurity clinics to manage and dispose of their clinical waste and medical waste safely.

With live tracking systems, advanced incineration facilities and dedicated coordinators, you can trust that we will provide a fully compliant and efficient service – no matter how large or complex your practice may be.

Keep reading to learn more about our hospital waste disposal service or contact us directly today.

What is Hospital Clinical Waste?

Hospital clinical waste is defined as any material with the potential to cause disease, harm or infection. It is typically segregated into the following categories:

  • General (non-hazardous paper, plastics, liquids).
  • Sharps (needles, plastic, scalpels etc.).
  • Biohazardous (human blood, tissue, body fluids, etc.).
  • Radioactive (anything containing radioactive material).
  • Cytotoxic (anything used during cytotoxic treatment).

Safe & Secure Hospital Waste Disposal

In Australia, general contaminated waste can be either treated and landfilled or Incinerated.

However, the Environmental Protection Regulation 2019 requires incinerating any Cytotoxic, Anatomical and Pharmaceutical wastes. Given the nature of contaminated hospital waste often being comingled, Ace Waste only offers Incineration as a means of disposal, ensuring that the highest level of destruction is achieved and assuring hospitals that their regulatory requirements are adhered to.

Waste Collection Disposal

Ace Waste owns two of the largest incineration facilities in Australia, which sustainably destroy all hazardous and infectious pathogens.

Our team can simplify even the most complex systems while meeting all safety, security and regulatory requirements. Chat to us today to get started.

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Learn More about our Waste Disposal Service

Achieve 100% Compliance & Cost-Efficiency with a Waste Audit

At Ace Waste, we pride ourselves on creating custom, cost-effective solutions. That’s why we can offer professional audits for all clinics.This vital quality assurance process allows us to optimise management outcomes. The benefits include:

  • Reduced business costs.
  • Full compliance with all state and government regulations.
  • Enhanced sustainability.

Our extensive knowledge of different waste streams allows us to provide seamless hospital waste management to clinics of all sizes and departments. So reach out to our team to organise yours today!

Get Your Hospital Waste Audit

Why Choose Ace Waste for your Hospital Waste Disposal

  • Complete Destruction of all Harmful Pathogens

    Ace Waste’s advanced, EPA approved incineration facilities and processes ensure that all hazardous materials are completely destroyed. From collection to disposal, you can trust that we will do everything we can to protect our community and environment.

  • Trusted Plans & Strategies

    We can assign a dedicated coordinator to develop the most durable, cost-effective hospital waste management plan for your facility. We also offer an education program to increase awareness of the impact of incorrect handling.

  • Progressive & Environmentally Conscious

    Our unique combustion process creates 90% less landfill than basic treatment and landfill solutions and transforms all hazardous materials into renewable energy. We guarantee that your hospital waste disposal plan will align with both Australian and state government(s) regulatory standards and compliances.

  • Trackable Collection & Disposal Services

    Experience complete peace of mind knowing that Ace Waste responsibly disposes of your hospital clinical waste. Our advanced Live™ Tracking System allows you to track us in real-time. With this program, we can guarantee a consistently efficient, transparent service every time.

Protect your Facility with our Colour-Coded Bins

In Australia, staff must segregate all hospital clinical waste in clearly labelled, yellow plastic bags and bins to reduce the risk of human and environmental exposure. This excludes cytotoxic and radioactive material, which have their own colours for added protection (purple and red).

Ace Waste has a wide range of containers and bins that are durable, secure and trusted by many medical facilities and organisations. We can assign an experienced waste coordinator to assess your facility and identify what type, size and number of bins you require, along with a suitable, EPA-approved collection schedule.

See our full product range here

Ace Waste Hospital waste bins and containers

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some queries? See if we can help answer some of them.

  • How does your clinical waste service work?

    Our service process is quite simple: we supply the waste containers and collect them as per the agreed schedule. We will then dispose of them in our incineration facility, where all waste will be completely destroyed.

  • Can I bring clinical waste to your facility for disposal?

    Ace Waste currently provides a full clinical waste collection and disposal service for our clients. If you would like to discuss options regarding the disposal of waste please contact our team at your nearest facility to discuss.

    Please see our Contact Us page for more details.

  • Can I use my own bin?

    Ace Waste will supply any necessary bins and containers for the safe disposal and collection of the clinical waste.

    Please also see our full list of Clinical waste disposal bins.

  • Does the Ace Waste driver decant the waste from the bin?

    Ace Waste provides an exchange service for all waste containers. In this process, all supplied waste containers are brought back to our facility for weighing, emptying and disposal of the waste material. The containers are then cleaned prior to being returned.

    Please see our list of available Waste disposal services.

  • Do I need an account?

    Ace Waste offers pay in advance/cash sale options for everything except ongoing services relating to Ace’s assets. Talk to our team and we can find a flexible solution for you.

  • Can I dispose of Sharps Containers purchased elsewhere?

    Yes, all sharps containers can be collected and disposed of by Ace Waste. Sharps containers can also be placed into Ace Waste supplied Clinical Waste bin to ensure the safe collection, transport and disposal of the waste.

    Ace Waste can also supply new containers at the time of service. Please see our list of available Products.

  • Is there a minimum contract?

    There are no minimum contracts when it comes to working with Ace Waste.

    Please Contact Us for any enquiries you might have.

  • Can I pay using a credit card?

    Ace Waste provides the ability to pay using credit card. Please contact our team to assist with your payment. Unfortunately, we do not accept American Express cards (AMEX).

    Please see our Contact Us page for details.

Ace Waste will ensure that your clinic:

  • avoids infringement penalties;
  • minimises its environmental impact and;
  • Is equipped to protect patients, staff and any other personnel from harmful exposure.

No matter what size or scope of your practice, we can ensure your hospital waste disposal plan is clear, safe and foolproof. Ready for a quote? Simply fill in the form or give our friendly team a call today.

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