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waste management in hospitality industry

Are you looking for reliable waste management in the hospitality industry? Ace Waste is a leading service provider of professional and sustainable waste management solutions. Our expert team understands the unique challenges hotels, restaurants, resorts, and other hospitality establishments face when it comes to waste management.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive range of services will help you minimise waste production, improve business sustainability, and ensure total compliance with state, government and environmental regulations.

By partnering with us, you can focus on managing your business operations while we handle all your hazardous and non-hazardous material collection and disposal needs, saving time and money in the long run. Speak to our friendly team today to gain peace of mind and streamline your waste management.

Types of Hospitality Waste

The hospitality industry produces two main types of waste:

  • Wet waste is biodegradable and includes all foods, fruits, vegetables, and other edibles served to customers and guests.
  • Dry waste includes all other types of garbage that aren’t food waste—for example, paper, clothing, plastic, glass, cans, bags, etc.

Generally, up to 80% of hospitality waste can be recycled. Therefore, it’s important to segregate your discarded hospitality material to divert it from landfill.

If you run a larger restaurant, hotel or resort, it can be time-consuming and overwhelming to ensure your business has the most cost-effective practices. A professional waste management come Ace Waste can audit your facility and tailor an environmentally friendly and regulated plan.

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How do you dispose of Hospitality Waste?

As industry experts, we recommend the following disposal methods:

  1. Food Waste Recycling: Develop a comprehensive strategy for all recyclable, organic food waste (like composting) to produce nutrient-rich crop fertiliser and improve soil quality. Any inorganic waste, such as plastic and glass, should be segregated for reuse or recycling.
  2. Sanitary Landfill: Sanitary landfill is a last resort for food waste disposal. The protective liners in the designated landfill prevent harmful chemicals from contaminating groundwater. However, we don’t encourage this method as it contributes to releasing greenhouse gases (methane) which is detrimental to the environment.

Ace Waste acts with integrity as we assess your establishment contents and requirements. We will let you know if there are areas to improve your recycling methods.

restaurant waste management - waste management in hospitality industry

The importance of correct waste management in the hospitality industry

Restaurants, cafes, hotels and other hospitality businesses must implement proper waste segregation, storage and disposal practices. This is to ensure compliance with state based regulations, avoid legal implications, improve cost efficiency, reduce environmental impacts, and uphold company integrity and reputation.

  • Legal Compliance

    Hospitality establishments must comply with their state government regulations to ensure public health, safety, and environmental protection. Failure to adhere to waste management laws can result in hefty fines and damage your company’s reputation.

  • Cost Efficiency

    By implementing reduction, recycling, and composting strategies, businesses can reduce waste production and lower disposal costs. Additionally, most organic waste streams can be converted into valuable resources like compost or biogas, creating extra savings or revenue through energy generation.

  • Environmental Impact

    Australia is renowned for its diverse ecosystems and fragile natural resources. Incorrect waste management practices, such as improper disposal or landfilling of organic waste, can release nasty greenhouse gases or contaminate soil and water bodies.

  • Company Reputation

    Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of environmental issues and the businesses they support. Hospitality establishments can enhance their reputation, attract eco-conscious customers, and stand out amongst competitors by showcasing their commitment to sustainable waste management.

Maximise Efficiency, Minimise Waste

Experience full peace of mind and a comprehensive understanding of your operations with our professional waste audits. Our expert team analyses your waste streams, collection methods, disposal procedures, and recycling efforts to find areas for improvement.

We then provide actionable recommendations to reduce waste generation, ensuring you comply with regulations and minimise environmental impact. By partnering with Ace Waste, you can gain valuable insights, enhance your waste management practices, and move towards a more sustainable future.

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Why Choose Ace Waste for your hospitality & restaurant waste management

  • Ensure Complete Elimination of Harmful Pathogens

    Ace Waste’s approved and compliant waste management techniques ensure the thorough destruction of waste and related materials, safeguarding communities and the environment.

  • Tailored Plans and Strategies You Can Trust

    Our dedicated coordinators design resilient and cost-effective waste plans for your facility, backed by an educational program to promote proper handling awareness.

  • Driving Progress with Environmental Facilities

    Rest assured, our tailor-made services will adapt to your hotel or restaurant waste management needs, meeting Australian and State regulatory standards.

  • Transparent Collection and Disposal Services with Live™ Tracking

    Ace Waste’s trackable collection and disposal services provide peace of mind. Our Live™ tracking system enables real-time monitoring, ensuring consistently efficient and transparent services.


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