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Dental Waste Management

Dental Waste Management

Dental waste is strictly regulated because the majority of it is considered clinical waste. Clinical waste is any substance that has the potential to cause infection or disease including:

  • human tissue and body parts
  • laboratory waste
  • sharps
  • pharmaceutical residue or products
  • radioactive and cytotoxic substances.

Correct dental waste disposal and management is vital to prevent harm to the environment and human health. Ace Waste is highly professional and experienced in all clinical waste disposal, including dental waste.

We can work with you to secure the safest, most cost-effective solution for your dental clinic that adheres to all government and environmental regulations.

Keep reading to learn more about dental waste management.

Different Types of Waste in a Dental Clinic

Dental waste ranges from hazardous chemicals and sharps to general equipment and contaminated items such as masks, gauzes, gloves and cups.

  • General, uncontaminated dental waste – Disposable paper, plastic and liquids. General dental waste is not hazardous and can be disposed of as any other household waste.
  • Contaminated or infectious dental waste – Dental waste contaminated with blood or other bodily fluids including human tissue, surgical gloves, gauzes, swabs or other dental tools.
  • Hazardous dental waste – Any liquid or solid dental waste that is toxic, chemically reactive or flammable. Hazardous waste is dangerous, but does not contain infectious agents or pathogens.

For professional, personalised guidance and dental waste management plans, please contact the Ace Waste team today.


Hazardous Waste in Dentistry

Dental waste is considered hazardous when it contains lead, biomedical waste, sterilising chemicals, or other related substances.

The three main types of hazardous dental waste are:

  • Mercury amalgam

    Includes amalgam liquid mercury and metal alloy mixtures, removed or broken old fillings and any waste with amalgam sludge or residue.

  • Silver

    While silver is typically only used in minor amounts while taking dental radiographs using a radiographic fixer, it still requires strict disposal management.

  • Sharps

    One of the most common objects used in dental clinics. Sharps include needles, scalpels, scissors, and any other sharp-edged item. When contaminated by biological fluid or tissue, they are considered infectious instead of hazardous.

Dental Waste Disposal Guidelines

In Australia, a comprehensive clinical and dental waste management plan will include appropriate packaging, labelling, handling and transportation strategies to minimise the risk of human contact and reduce environmental impact.

Schedule 7A of the WRR Regulation states that:

  • All clinical waste, and therefore dental waste, must be placed in labelled, yellow bags or containers with a clear, black biohazard symbol.

  • All sharps must be placed into a yellow, puncture-resistant container that meets the Australian Standard and your state regulations.

  • Infectious or hazardous dental waste must be appropriately treated and incinerated in line with clinical waste protocol to ensure the destruction of all harmful pathogens.

Ace Waste operates two of Australia’s largest, most advanced incineration plants, so you can trust that we will dispose of all dental waste safely and sustainably. For more information on dental waste disposal, or to organise a dependable waste management solution for your clinic, please reach out to the Ace Waste team today.

Why Choose Ace Waste for your Dental Waste Disposal

Complete Destruction of all Harmful Pathogens

Ace Waste’s advanced, EPA approved incineration facilities and processes ensure that all infectious and hazardous dental waste is destroyed. From collection to disposal, you can trust that Ace Waste will do everything we can to protect our community and environment from harmful pathogens and toxic exposure.

Trusted, Professional Dental Waste Management

Ace Waste can assign a professional, experienced dental waste coordinator to develop your clinic’s most durable, cost-effective waste management plan. We also offer waste education programs to increase awareness of the impact of incorrect dental waste disposal.

Environmentally Conscious Dental Waste Disposal

Ace Waste’s unique combustion process creates 90% less landfill waste than other treatment and landfill solutions. We guarantee that your dental waste management plan will align with Australian and state regulations, protecting you from costly infringements and potentially dangerous exposure.

Trackable Dental Waste Disposal Services

Experience complete peace of mind knowing that Ace Waste responsibly disposes of your dental waste. Our advanced Ace Waste Live™ Tracking System allows you to track your waste in real-time and guarantees an efficient, transparent collection and disposal service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some queries? See if we can help answer some of them.

  • How does your veterinary waste service work?

    Our service process is quite simple: we supply the waste containers and collect them as per the agreed schedule. We will then dispose of them in our incineration facility, where all waste will be completely destroyed.

  • Can I bring vet waste to your facility for disposal?

    Ace Waste currently provides a full clinical waste collection and disposal service for our clients. If you would like to discuss options regarding the disposal of waste please contact our team at your nearest facility to discuss.

    Please see our Contact Us page for more details.

  • Can I use my own bin?

    Ace Waste will supply any necessary bins and containers for the safe disposal and collection of veterinary waste.

    Please also see our full list of Clinical waste disposal bins.

  • Does the Ace Waste driver decant the waste from the bin?

    Ace Waste provides an exchange service for all waste containers. In this process, all supplied waste containers are brought back to our facility for weighing, emptying and disposal of the waste material. The containers are then cleaned prior to being returned.

    Please see our list of available Waste disposal services.

  • Do I need an account?

    Ace Waste offers pay in advance/cash sale options for everything except ongoing services relating to Ace’s assets. Talk to our team and we can find a flexible solution for you.

  • Can I dispose of Sharps Containers purchased elsewhere?

    Yes. Sharps containers can also be placed into Ace Waste supplied Clinical Waste bin to ensure the safe collection, transport and disposal of the waste.

    Additionally, all sharps containers can be collected and disposed of by Ace Waste.

    Ace Waste can also supply new containers at the time of service. Please see our list of available Products.

  • Is there a minimum contract?

    There are no minimum contracts when it comes to working with Ace Waste.

    Please Contact Us for any enquiries you might have.

  • Can I pay using a credit card?

    Ace Waste provides the ability to pay using credit card. Please contact our team to assist with your payment. Unfortunately, we do not accept American Express cards (AMEX).

    Please see our Contact Us page for details.


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