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Reliable & Safe Liquid Waste Removal

Some forms of liquid waste are considered hazardous to humans and the environment. Most businesses demand professional liquid waste removal to stay safe and compliant. Ace Waste provides exceptional liquid waste management services across Brisbane and Melbourne that align with all safety and environmental guidelines.

You can rely on our expert team and advanced facilities to provide cost efficient, environmentally sustainable liquid waste disposal options. We offer drum waste disposal, oily water disposal, leachate collecting, flood water removal and more.

Key industries we help include:

  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Hospitality
  • Medical
  • Municipal & Local Government
  • Utilities
  • Oil, Fuel & Gas
  • Marine

Don’t leave your liquid waste untreated and unattended. Call on Ace Waste for cost-effective, comprehensive solutions now.

Liquid Waste Disposal: What, Where, How

Many types of liquid waste arise from different processes or naturally. This term can apply to various materials such as wastewater, oil, solvents, grease, liquid mixtures, sludge, gas, and anything other liquids with hazardous fluids.

Ace Waste can provide a tailored-made solution to handle not just your everyday liquid waste but also hazardous/regulated liquid waste.

Handling a company’s HSEQ operations can be hard enough without the added stress of guaranteeing successful waste management. As your dedicated partner, we keep on top of all regulatory requirements for you, creating a cost-effective disposal plan so you can get back to business.

Since 1992, Ace Waste has been the go-to disposal crew for hundreds of commercial and industrial clients across QLD and VIC. We leverage our broad expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and industry-leading collection trucks to guarantee the complete destruction of your waste.

Contact us today to organise a waste audit and strengthen your daily business operations.

  • How to Dispose of Liquid Waste

    Liquid waste requires strict, specialised handling, storage, treatment and removal to minimise the spread of disease and pollution. The chosen EPA-approved technique will depend on the type and amount of liquid waste your facility produces.

    The most common methods for non-hazardous liquid waste include:

    • Dewatering: removes liquid from the waste, leaving solid materials to easily dispose of. As landfills don’t accept free liquid, the separated water undergoes necessary filtration and treatment.
    • Sedimentation: separates the liquid from solid waste via gravity instead of high-pressure equipment, using large tanks as the sedimentation bin. The solid particles eventually settle into a sludge to go to landfill.
    • Composting: a cost-effective and extra environmentally-friendly technique; removes water from the waste, leaving only organic matter to turn into fertiliser for plants and crops. Contact your closest rubbish treatment facility to learn if this is a viable option for you.
    • Solidification: turns liquid waste into a compact, solid material using asphalt, cement, sawdust or phosphate to solidify the wastewater.

    For hazardous liquid waste:

    • Incineration: uses intense heat to remove hazardous materials such as oils, acids, chemicals, and other waste, leaving only water behind. This method is only approved for liquid wastes with a certain amount of Calorific Value.
  • Medical Liquid Waste Disposal

    One thing that hospital or clinic staff should never do is pour liquid medical waste down the drain because it potentially contains dangerous viruses or blood-borne pathogens.

    Medical facilities must segregate their liquid waste in a leak-proof, puncture-proof and clearly labelled container to avoid spillage.

    Common types of medical liquid waste include but are not limited to:

    • Lab specimens
    • Chemotherapy drugs (cytotoxic waste)
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Blood and blood by-products
    • Bodily fluids, dialysis waste and other biological matter
    • Cleaning chemicals

    From hospitals and laboratories to vets and aged care homes, we’ll guarantee 100% compliant, safe and secure medical liquid waste removal.

  • Construction and Mining Liquid Waste Removal

    Guarantee efficient management of your construction and mining wastewater, concrete slurry, paint residues, and other related liquids with Ace Waste.

    From settling ponds and drillers mud to sediment tanks and piling operations, our experienced team employs advanced techniques to safely collect and transport these materials.

    You can rely on our reliable fleet, equipment and management plan to keep your projects and daily operations running smoothly.

  • Oil & Gas Liquid Waste Removal

    Unhappy with your current waste management services? We specialise in hazardous waste disposal, including contaminated water, forecourt run-offs, oily sludges, and chemical residues. Our expert team uses elite methods to efficiently collect and transport these waste streams. We also provide cleaning services for holding tanks for emergency or maintenance reasons.

    So, whether it’s handling contaminated water, hydrocarbon sludge, or similar, we’ll ensure your company benefits environmentally and economically. Don’t delay peace of mind or miss out on future cost savings – call us today.

Why Choose Us for Your Liquid Waste Removal


We provide a one-stop-shop waste solution, including tailored education programs to help minimise the risk of hazardous waste incidents.


Save time, stress and money – we keep updated on all QLD and VIC government and environmental regulations so your waste plan stays 100% compliant.


Our unique combustion process turns waste into renewable energy, positioning us as a leader in environmentally-sustainable waste management.


Our EPA-approved methods and leading facilities ensure complete destruction of hazardous materials and create 90% less landfill waste than other treatment and landfill solutions.


Ace Waste’s strategies are cost-effective and tailored to your needs. We provide dedicated on-site waste coordinators to help improve the handling of waste in your facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some queries? See if we can help answer some of them.

  • How does your liquid waste removal service work?

    Our service is straightforward: we provide the waste containers, adhere to the agreed schedule for collection, and then dispose of them in our incineration facility, ensuring complete destruction of all waste.

  • Can I deliver my liquid waste to your facility for disposal?

    Ace Waste currently provides a full liquid waste removal service for our clients. If you would like to discuss your options please contact our team at your nearest facility to discuss.

  • Can I use my own bin?

    For compliance assurance, Ace Waste will supply any necessary bins and containers.

  • Do I need an account?

    Ace Waste provides pay-in-advance/cash sale options for everything except ongoing services related to Ace’s assets. Contact our team, and we can customise a flexible solution for you.

  • Is there a minimum contract?


  • Can I pay using a credit card?

    Yes. Please reach out to our team for assistance with your payment. Kindly note that we do not accept American Express cards (AMEX).


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