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Clinical Waste Bins

Clinical waste bins are specifically manufactured to dispose of clinical waste in medical and healthcare facilities safely. These bins and containers are used for substances that have the potential to cause disease and can include: human tissue waste, laboratory waste, discarded sharps, human body parts, pharmaceutical products, radioactive substances, and cytotoxic drugs. Explore more about clinical waste solutions here.

Yellow is the standard colour for clinical waste bins in Australia. However, hospitals and related organisations must use purple waste bins for cytotoxic clinical waste. This colour coding provides additional protection from the highly hazardous effects of cytotoxic waste.

At Ace Waste, we offer a comprehensive range of Clinical Waste Bins, available in various sizes to suit different needs. Our bins are durable, secure and trusted by many medical facilities and organisations. Our process also ensures the seamless collection and disposal of all clinical waste. Get your quote, or contact us on 1300 850 901