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How to correctly dispose of hazardous waste in Melbourne

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In Australia, the need for safe, environmentally-friendly hazardous waste disposal continues to heighten, especially in the construction, manufacturing and utility industries. In this blog, we define hazardous waste and discuss the best disposal methods to reduce business costs, protect your workers and improve overall sustainability.

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What is hazardous waste?

Hazardous waste, also known as regulated (QLD) or prescribed industrial waste (VIC), is any material that contains dangerous elements to the environment or community. It is dangerous but does not contain any infectious agents or pathogens, unlike clinical waste. Hazardous waste can be a solid, liquid, gas or mixed and can emerge from any unknown or known source. These materials can include but are not limited to:

  • Liquid and flammable waste (including paints, lacquers, varnish, resins, pigments and solvent)
  • Hydrocarbon contaminated oils and sludges
  • Acids and alkalis
  • Oils and emulsions
  • Coolants and glycols
  • Surfactants and cleaning products
  • Laboratory waste

The most common sources of hazardous and chemical waste include:

The different ways to properly dispose of hazardous waste in Melbourne

The safest and most common way residents dispose of hazardous waste is via local household waste drop-off sites.



Stricter disposal methods are required for industrial and commercial businesses as they produce much higher levels and amounts of hazardous materials. Ensuring all staff follow the correct procedures when handling toxic materials within your facility can be challenging without professional help.

As a result, you could fall victim to hefty fines or cause severe damage to the community and the environment.

A professional waste disposal service like Ace Waste can help provide correct guidance and properly manage, collect, and dispose of your chemicals and hazardous substances. As industry leaders, we stay up to date with all State and Federal laws and regulations so that you can focus on your daily business operations stress-free.

Protect your business with a hazardous waste management & disposal plan

Incorrect hazardous waste disposal is dangerous, costly and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Our professional waste audits and management plans can help you cut unnecessary costs and protect your workers and the environment.

Waste audits are a great way to determine how much general, recyclable and hazardous waste your business generates and how often. By analysing the results, we identify any areas for improvement in your current waste management plan, ultimately improving workplace efficiency, safety and profitability.


Correct disposal methods for hazardous waste in Melbourne

The Environment Protection Act sets the rules for all waste disposal for all businesses to follow. These guidelines ensure that you are minimising your environmental impact and reducing the risk of injury or incident.

In addition, all chemicals and toxic substances will have a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) that outlines their unique storage, handling and disposal requirements. In Victoria, and most of Australia, it is illegal to pour hazardous chemicals and waste down sinks, gutters or drains.

Instead, they must be stored in secure, sturdy, leak-proof containers and collected by an EPA-approved, tracked disposal company. Where acceptable and permissible, Ace Waste will provide and or facilitate the correct collection and disposal method following best practices. We also offer certified destruction by ensuring they are incinerated (where possible) as a final disposal method or processed by an approved disposal method.
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Ace Waste’s advanced incineration plants guarantee the safe and total destruction of all toxic materials and use sustainable technology to minimise environmental impact. We also have a selection of durable bins and containers to securely store all types of hazardous waste. Depending on your industry, our recommendations will vary.

Please speak to our team directly to receive a tailored solution today.




Trusted hazardous waste management for VIC

When you entrust Ace Waste to handle your hazardous waste, you can rest assured knowing it’s taken care of to the highest safety and environmental standard. Our experienced team have worked with businesses of all sectors, sizes and scopes across Victoria. We treat each waste management plan with integrity and proven due diligence.

Ace Waste leads the way in sustainable waste management, using clean technologies and processes to create 90% less landfill waste than standard methods. We can even provide valuable education programs to staff to increase awareness of waste reduction and disposal guidelines. Explore our waste management solutions and experience firsthand our commitment to effective and sustainable waste management in Melbourne and beyond.

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