Protect+ 30L

The 30L Protect+ represents the ultimate in large volume sharps waste disposal solutions. With a capacity of 30.5L, this product is designed to accommodate the needs of those facilities which produce sharps waste in higher concentrations. Suitable for most major healthcare institutions, Perioperative environments, Blood Banks and hospital units. 

This larger-sized container also has application in surgical wards. For example, as a laparoscopic sharps disposal solution. Like all products in the Protect+ series, this item has been engineered with the environment in mind — it’s made from a combination of reprocessed and recyclable materials. It’s also constructed for maximum space with minimal weight (just 2.2 kg). Easily transported via the top handle or attached to a trolley. Can also be fitted to most pre-existing wall brackets. 

Product Information

Product CodeAS5551-30 (single-use sharps container)
Material Manufactured combining both reprocessed and recyclable materials
Nominal Capacity30.5 Litres (safe recommended usable space)
Capacity 33.5 Litres (maximum container capacity) 
Weight 2.2 kilograms
Dimension W 365 mm x H 559 mm X D 198mm
Product Standards AS4031
Manufacturing Standards Manufactured to conform to ISO standards
Product Treatment Antimicrobial Protection Technology