Protect+ 20L

A versatile and convenient sharps disposal product, the 20L Protect+ is your meet-in-the-middle solution. It provides a moderate amount of space to contain waste before disposal while weighing just 1.6 kg for great portability. It is the go-to choice for larger healthcare facilities or those generating moderate to high waste volumes, such as hospital ward environments and blood collection centres. 

With rear moulding to suit most pre-existing brackets, the container is suitable to be placed on walls or trolleys as required. Like other products in the Protect+ series, this item is purpose-made for overall compatibility with various existing facilities’ mounting arrangements. Manufactured by combining recycled plastics, the lightweight eco-friendly construction is both highly innovative and adaptable.

Product Information

Product CodeAS486-20 (single-use sharps container)
Material Manufactured combining both reprocessed and recyclable materials
Nominal Capacity19.6 Litres (safe recommended usable space)
Capacity 23.2 Litres (maximum container capacity) 
Weight 1.6 kilograms
Dimension W 365 mm x H 315 mm X D 198mm
Product StandardsAS4031
Manufacturing Standards AC 4031, ISO 23907
Product Treatment Antimicrobial Protection Technology