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Why Your Business Needs a Waste Audit

By understanding what type of rubbish you make, you can learn how to properly handle and minimise its impact, which can help to cut costs

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     “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”.

While each industry differs in size, scope, and purpose, each will produce, manage and dispose of waste. By understanding what type of rubbish you make, you can learn how to properly handle and minimise its impact, which can help to cut costs, strengthen compliance and enhance sustainability. 

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Ace Waste has been a leading hazardous waste management specialist since 1987. Our extensive knowledge and advanced facilities allow us to offer cost-effective solutions to businesses of all sizes. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a waste audit.



How could a waste audit benefit my business?

Conducting a waste audit is the first step towards quantifying and identifying your on-site waste. Regardless of your industry, performing one can help identify where you lose valuable time and money. It can also ensure you comply with all state laws and regulations for your industry, avoiding hefty fines and penalties. 

How do audits help the healthcare industry?

The latest available data indicates that 1 in 3 healthcare facilities worldwide do not safely manage their clinical waste. Clinical waste is any material with the potential to cause infection or disease. We have deduced from years of auditing that around 15% of healthcare clinical waste is contaminated with more hazardous materials, whilst 30% is plastic. Ensuring your facility has a robust waste management plan that segregates it at the source will: 

  • reduce the risk of infection
  • lessen your environmental impact and;
  • minimise handling and disposal costs.

Our waste audits and management plans can guarantee your business aligns with all state and industry laws. In addition, our EPA-approved facilities and disposal process creates minimal impact on the environment. Clinical facilities that would benefit most from an audit include:

  • Hospitals
  • GP and medical clinics
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Dental practices 
  • Aged care homes
  • Laboratories and research centres

clinical waste bins into waste collection truck

While clinical waste is a large focus of ours, we can also provide professional services to the following sectors: 

  • Biosecurity Facilities
  • International/Domestic Airports
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Commercial and Industrial Entities
  • Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitality/Retail 
  • Beauty Clinics
  • Schools



Should you hire a professional or DIY? 

Depending on the size of your business, an in-house audit that follows the required checklist may suffice. However, if your business is large and complex or deals with materials that can cause significant health and safety concerns, we highly recommend hiring a professional team to guarantee compliance. Waste audits can also take a lot of time, so hiring a knowledgeable team to do it right the first time can make it much more manageable. 

Why choose Ace Waste?

We have 35 years of experience in waste management and an in-depth understanding of most businesses, health providers and industrial entities. As a result, our fully trained personnel can audit your site to develop a fully comprehensive and tailored waste management strategy. 

Ace Waste - Brisbane Willawong warehouse

Correct waste classificationIn Australia, incorrect waste disposal is costly and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Our granular audits (alongside a proper management plan) can help save you money while protecting the environment.
Evidence-based processOur qualified experts compare advised practices against gathered documented and photographic evidence of your business to guarantee compliance.
Versatile auditsOur audits help develop a comprehensive management strategy tailored to your business needs and processes.
Flexible service locationsDepending on the required protocol, we can conduct waste audits on-site at your facility or our Treatment Facilities in Willawong (QLD) or Dandenong (VIC).
Your one-stop shopNo matter how many waste streams or the type of audit you need, we take care of everything in one place.
Cost and environmentally friendlyYou can rely on us to find the most cost-effective solution for your business. Our clean technologies also create 85% less landfill waste than other solutions.


How is a waste audit conducted?

Auditors go through your bins to identify how much general, recyclable, and hazardous rubbish your business creates over a specific timeline. By analysing this data, you can reveal your current processes’ effectiveness and where you can improve.

As an Australian and family-owned business since 1987, we are the trusted choice for South East QLD, Melbourne, all the way down to Geelong. Our process is flexible, reliable, and catered to your facility’s requirements. 

  1. Get a free quote – Call or email us to discuss your requirements so we can send through an accurate quote.
  2. Choose and book your location – Choose between conducting the audit on-site at your facility or one of Ace Waste’s Treatment Facilities in Willawong (QLD) or Dandenong (VIC)
  3. Ace Waste performs your audit – Our specialists will complete your audit from significant issues to the last minor detail.
  4. We deliver your waste strategy – We will provide you with a bespoke waste management plan.

Waste Management in Aged Care Facilities


Cut business costs and enhance your sustainability today.

We pride ourselves on being a market leader in waste management and disposal and look forward to helping you strengthen your business sustainability. Contact our friendly team today to learn more about what an audit could do for your business, or organise a free quote now.