Waste Auditing


Waste audits are a key quality improvement process for identifying opportunities to change practice and improve the quality of Waste Management outcomes through a systematic review and evaluation of Waste Management and Segregation practices.

Audits are conducted by qualified Ace Waste personnel and compare actual practice against gathered documented and photographic evidence based on required compliance standards of (DEHP) Department of Environmental and Heritage Protection Regulations and Legislative requirements, Health & Safety Act & Regulations, (WMAA) Waste Management Association of Australia Industry Code of Practice for the Management of Clinical & Related Waste (6th edition 2010) and Ace Waste Pty Ltd Auditing Policies and Procedures.

Provided required protocol can be achieved, Auditing services can be conducted either on sight at the facility or at one of Ace Waste’s Treatment Facilities.

Willawong (Qld)
Dandenong (Vic)

Where an audit has demonstrated serious concerns regarding segregation practice, confidentiality and data protection is guaranteed and details will be immediately conveyed to the facility Waste Manager as a hazard requiring urgent action.

Clinical & Related waste has the potential to cause injury, infection, environmental harm or medical, veterinary, pharmaceutical and similar activities providing potential to cause disease but when segregated and disposed of appropriately there is virtually no Health and Environmental risk or a prosecutable offence arising from a breach of Legislation.

With the approval of the Reduction and Recycling Act 2011 and Waste Reduction and Recycling Regulations 2011, careless choices will cost business BIG $$$$! For example, IV bags with fluid, IV lines , urine bags, plastic suction & oxygen tubing, empty syringes, paper, cardboard boxes, general waste items, food items, magazines, aluminium cans, drink bottles & wrappers from various consumables are just some of the items disposed of in clinical waste.

Ace Waste is fully licensed in High Temperature Incineration Treatment and disposal of Clinical, Cytotoxic, Biosecurity & Contaminated Related Wastes, and all processed according to their respective Regulatory and Licensing controls. Follow the links to see a full list of our approvals schedule for Queensland and Victoria.

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