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Waste Disposal During Times of COVID-19

We're proud to support organisations in their efforts to ensure essential healthcare services are maintained, particularly in Victoria.

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This short blog entry from Ace Waste looks at the relationship between waste disposal and healthcare and the special needs predicated by Covid-19 circumstances. Various forms of transport from a wide range of industries are coming to Ace Waste’s facilities in VIC to dispose of their waste materials. The team at Ace Waste have been exceptionally busy. We commend our staff for working tirelessly in accordance with Australian legislation, alongside the wider healthcare community.

Ace Waste’s Melbourne waste facility has been operating 24 hours 7 days a week since mid-July to ensure we can keep Australia and its healthcare facilities safe. This is due to a special emphasis on infection control for Victoria, alongside the rest of Australia, in the wake of tightened COVID-19 regulations.

At Ace Waste, we thank our team for their ongoing care and commitment.

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