Cytotoxic Waste Bins 120L

120L Cytotoxic Waste Bin
Safe and easy to handle, lockable and wheelable Cytotoxic Waste container.
Dimensions – 930mm (h), 545mm (l), and 480mm (w).
Capacity – Maximum allowable net weight limit 15kg.

Ace Waste provides cytotoxic waste disposal bins. Our Cytotoxic Waste Bins are used to handle material contaminated with residues or preparations that are toxic to cells. This type of waste is generally produced by medical and related industries. The harmful nature of these materials means that suitable and stringent safety precautions related to handling, storage, segregation, transport and disposal must be adhered to at all times.

Service and Delivery:
Cytotoxic waste disposal bins can be delivered throughout Queensland and Victoria. Please request a quote for areas outside of these states.