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Could your business be producing Clinical and Related Waste?

If you know that your business produces (or might potentially produce) any kind of Clinical and Related waste or any form of residue, you can equip yourself to deal with this specialised waste stream with due diligence.

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But first ask yourself: do you have a clear understanding of what the term “Clinical and Related Waste” refers to?

In Australia, we use the term ‘Clinical or Related waste’ which means “waste that has the potential to cause disease” and constitutes human tissue waste, discarded sharps, laboratory waste and related wastes constitutes waste that is contaminated with chemicals, cytotoxic drugs, human body parts, pharmaceutical products or radioactive substances”.

Therefore, it is usually a waste of a medical nature. However, it may arise as an output or consequence of the activities involved in a variety of industries. So, for any business — it is important to review your Waste Management procedures at regular intervals. This is because the production of this type of waste may not always be so obvious.

In this way, you can keep on the right side of the law in protecting your business and the environment. Ask the team at Ace Waste how.

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