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Ace Waste’s process will produce 90% less landfill waste than alternative solutions based on Treatment/Landfill operations and completely destroy potentially highly infectious waste. In the use of Incineration waste disposal is proven to be more environmentally effective and produces 24 times less greenhouse gas emissions than treatment landfilling operations.

Ace Waste High Temperature Incineration is the vanguard technology for the secure disposal of difficult wastes which require total destruction. Ace Waste advocates that certain wastes types must be managed correctly to ensure that they are completely destroyed and provide no potential to be released to the wider environment.

 Our state of the art stepped hearth Incineration processing facilities have a 1500 kg per hour capacity to process all prescribed waste in an effective and environmentally sound manner.  The plants are of multi-chambered design and utilise the significant calorific (energy) value inherent in Clinical and Related, Cytotoxic, Pharmaceutical, Regulated, Prescribed Industrial and chemical wastes to assist combustion.

At our facilities in Queensland and Victoria, Ace Waste processes waste at temperatures up to 1200°C ensuring complete combustion and destruction of hazardous waste materials. Our process starts with an assessment of your waste, we then segregate wastes into categories determined by their calorific value. Our extensive skills and knowledge in understanding the characteristics of different waste enables us to blend waste streams to ensure optimal combustion efficiencies. This practice maximises performance of our Incinerators to the stage of self-combustion and no longer requiring supplementary fuel, this in itself is a major contribution in reduction of Global Warming, emission controls and Environmental Sustainability.

The Ace Waste incineration facilities have the ability to incinerate 10,000 tonnes for Brisbane and 11,200 tonnes for Melbourne per annum.


The two most common disposal methods for the disposal of Clinical and Related Waste are High Temperature Incineration and Autoclaving/Landfilling. Ace Waste can demonstrate that High Temperature Incineration is a more environmentally friendly disposal process than Autoclaving/Landfilling.

In fact Methane is 24 times more potent than CO2 as a Green House Gas, and so 1 tonne of emitted Methane will be expressed as 24 tonnes of CO2e emitted.

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