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Ace Waste Pty Ltd was founded in 1987 in response to the need for a professional clinical waste collection and disposal service. We support Health Care Facilities and the many doctors, dentists, vets who are located in south-east Queensland in the disposal of their wastes.

We also perceived the need for an outstanding service to dispose quarantine waste and other waste streams. In response, we implemented a disposal service for these wastes, including the destruction of confidential documents and electronic data. We pride ourselves on being a market leader in these disposal areas.


To meet the ever increasing problem of effectively disposing of Brisbane’s clinical waste, Ace Waste proposed the construction of a modern incineration and air pollution control system in January 1990. After completion of an Environmental Impact Statement and Environmental Audit, approval was granted in July 1992. The new facility was built by October 1993.

Designed using best practice overseas waste technology and under the guidance of a leading Australian incinerator designer, and following exhaustive stack emission testing in late November 1993, the incinerator commenced operation on 1 December 1993.


Our Dandenong-based, Victorian business was purchased in December 2005 and expanded with the acquisition of the 5 hectare site in June 2006. In recent years, the major site improvements include the development of a new receival and treatment facility, plus a state-of-the-art high temperature incinerator. This business base and investment in waste management infrastructure enables us to offer our Victorian and Global clients with a realistic alternative in managing their waste.

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