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About Ace Waste

Ace Waste Pty Ltd was founded in 1987 in response to the need for a professional clinical waste collection and disposal service.

Today we support Major Health Care Facilities, Doctors, Dentists, Vets along with the Shipping Industry, Quarantine Premises, Pharmaceutical Companies and many Commercial and Industrial entities with the disposal of their wastes.

We also perceived the need for an outstanding service to dispose quarantine waste and other waste streams. In response, we implemented a disposal service for these wastes, including the destruction of confidential documents and electronic data. We pride ourselves on being a market leader in these disposal areas.

In 2009 we opened a state of the art incinerator in Dandenong to cater for a similar customer base in Victoria. Our mission statement – “SOLVING TOMORROW’S WASTE PROBLEMS – TODAY” – guides our strategic direction and our approach to service development and customer focused service.

When you choose our services, you can remain confident that you are working with Australia’s market leader in the management, transport and disposal of hazardous waste.

Did you know?

The emissions from incinerating 35 tonnes of potentially harmful and toxic waste, is equivalent to less than 15 diesel trucks driving down the road everyday!

Most of the emissions from our process come out as CO2 and H2O

Find out more about the Sustainability of Incinerators

Did you know?

Ace Waste does more then just incineration? We also recycle. Click here to find out more information about our recycling capabilities.

Did you know?

We also supply and deliver waste bins for secure document destruction to biosecurity, medical and chemical waste. If you need a quote on bins please go to our Product Page.

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